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Carmix mobile concrete batching plant.

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The innovative Carmix 3500 TC at work on the Concheño Mine, Mexico

Launched in preview last year, the innovative 3500 TC has been selected for an important project in Mexico: the Concheño Mine. This silver-gold open pit and underground mine in the state of Chihuahua was opened in 2013 and can produce 15000 tons every day. In this context, Minera Real de Angeles opted for four Carmix 3500 TC machines for the construction of access roads to the mine.

«The great productivity of the 3500 TC – commented Luis Antonio Herrera Amante, Carmix Specialist for Carmix Tracsa dealer – CAT Rental Store – is a key factor for working in wide worksites like the Concheño Mine. This new machine is performing excellently in terms of versatility and flexibility and can work in difficult environments».

The reliability of Carmix machines was already well known to the Minera Real De Angeles staff, having worked with a 3.5TT model in the mine for almost two years. At the beginning of 2017, the quality and versatility of our means, joint to the prompt availability of spares and a timely customer service induced the company to order four 3500 TC machines.

Indeed, what they required was to have highly efficient machines, able to work in extremely harsh conditions and travel on very bumpy dirt roads with 20 to 30 degree slopes, in a particularly humid microclimate. The new 3500 TC machines have proved an efficient solution to reach even the most inaccessible areas of the mine safely and comfortably for the operators. Moreover, they have helped to increase concrete productivity and boost the work progress.


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