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Carmix mobile concrete batching plant.

Worksites in San Francisco de Yojoa – Honduras

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The technologic performance of Carmix 3500 TC for the Rio Lindo hydroelectric power plant in Honduras

Our flagship model Carmix 3500 TC has been selected for the expansion and maintenance of the Rio Lindo hydroelectric power plant in San Francisco de Yojoa, Honduras. The Rio Lindo power plant, equally to the Cañaveral plant, uses the water of lake Yojoa and together they account for 24% of the country’s hydroelectric power generating capacity. For this important project, which started in February 2018, HCC (Hidráulica Construcción y Conservación), a world leader in design and repair of hydraulic and industrial plants, relied on the versatility and technologic performance of Carmix 3500 TC to produce large volumes of fresh concrete rapidly.

«This is the first time we use Carmix 3500TC – commented David Zepeda, General Manager at HCC – and we are very satisfied with our choice, as we can produce more than 80 m3 of concrete per day. Another big advantage is that we can see mix design data in real time and get a dosage report with the Promix and Concrete-Mate technology. All this lets us save time and above all cut the costs ».

Carmix 3500 TC: integrating technology with mix-design quality

Carmix 3500 TC is a mobile concrete batching plant with a smart design, especially conceived to offer greater comfort to drivers thanks to ergonomic controls, all-round visibility and an air-conditioned cabin. This machine is also equipped with innovative technologic devices, improving concrete performance: the Promix probe and the new Concrete-Mate dosing system help to obtain a perfect mix, suitable for any job or situation.

Digital technologies for a perfect product

Promix is a measuring instrument consisting of a stainless steel probe, housed inside the mixing unit and powered by a solar panel, and of a cabin display receiving information in real time. The sensor provides data on slump, temperature, humidity, mixer rotation speed and a warning when the mix is ready. All the data are updated every ten seconds and sent to the receiver. An easy-to-read display informs the operator on the parameters of the concrete that is being prepared. This information can be stored in an external computer or sent to other mobile devices via the GPS network.

A world-unique mix design manager

Concrete-Mate is the innovative mix design manager including an RMC Plant standard level management software which, using four sensors in the mixing unit, guarantees a top-quality concrete mix complying with international concrete production standards (UNI 206-1 – ASTM – ACI, etc) and complete control over production costs. Up to 15 different mixes and 99 types of materials can be selected with Concrete-Mate, allowing the production of multiple combinations of materials, fitting any worksite requirement. When the software has stored a mix design, it suggests the operator the dosage of each element, the sequence of operations and the working time for each process step, thus eliminating any chance of error. Concrete-Mate can prepare concrete on site, offering a top-quality product, ready to be used anywhere, at all latitudes, rapidly and timely.


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