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Carmix Dumper D6: great performance on the Mantaro – Montalvo (MAMO) transmission line in Peru

SDV Energía e Infraestructura, S.L., the international company specialized in the construction of power transmission lines and electrical substations in Latin America, has been involved in the construction of a 500 kV transmission line from Mantaro to Montalvo, Peru. For this important project, which will help to transfer the energy generated in the central area of the country to the south, the Client has relied on the high performance and Made-in-Italy quality of Carmix. The vehicle selected, a Carmix Dumper D6, can actually move quickly over the rough, mountainous terrain typical of the area, and operate in any situation.

Stability and power for great versatility

Carmix Dumper D6 is the off-road dumper by Metalgalante Carmix that can meet from the simplest to the most demanding jobsite requirements. This 4X4X4 dumper features a specially sized chassis for off-road operations, can climb up to 30% slopes and travel smoothly on dirt roads as well as in quarries or opencast and underground mines. In this case, Carmix Dumper D6 proved to be very versatile for the many jobsite operations. Its performance was effective both in loading and carrying building materials (sand, aggregates, cement) and in transporting parts for the installation of transmission towers. Moreover, the four-wheel drive of Carmix Dumper D6 made it possible for worker teams to travel long distances quickly and easily on the local mountainous terrains.


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