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Carmix mobile concrete batching plant.

Стройка Mozambique

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Carmix 3500 TC and Carmix 3.5 TT: 5000 m3 of concrete for the construction of 500 houses in Mozambique

Elevo Group South Africa, a leading Portuguese group in all engineering and construction sectors on a large and small scale, selected Carmix machines based on their reliability, efficiency and ease of use for an important project lasting approximately two years: the construction of 500 houses in Massingir, a small village in Mozambique, near the Kruger natural park. The Client had requested 5000 m3 of concrete and for this reason they commissioned three units from Carmix South Africa: one Carmix 3500 TC, the flagship model, and two Carmix 3.5 TT machines.

Training and customer service at a stone’s throw

Shortly before the start of works, which are currently in progress, all operators completed a five-day training started on 16 May. Classes were held by Jean Watson, Carmix Man Certified Training Manager, who taught them how to operate the two Carmix 3.5 TT units and the Carmix 3500 TC and how to behave in case of any needs. As a matter of fact, the main office of Carmix South Africa is not very far from the worksite. Therefore it will not be difficult to provide technical assistance and pay site visits whenever necessary.

The advantages to using the Carmix 3.5 TT and the new Carmix 3500 TC

For the first few days of work, the two Carmix 3.5 TT and Carmix 3500 TC machines were used to cast the large concrete base and put the fencing around the construction site. With these first operations, the two smart mobile concrete batching plants already showed that they can move on any terrain, load and unload aggregates on site, mix concrete at any time and above all go anywhere, even in the smallest places. In addition, the technological performance of the Carmix 3500 TC was a great help in carrying out the work at the site. Thanks to the Concrete-Mate device installed in the cab, operators can add new mix design recipes, rename and modify them and, above all, quickly find them in case of need.

Carmix 3500 TC: a concentrate of technology for a quality mix design

Carmix 3500 TC is a true smart mobile concrete batching plant, engineered to offer greater comfort to the user with more ergonomic controls, all-round visibility and an air-conditioned cab. In addition, this machine is equipped with innovative technologies that improve concrete performance: with the Promix probe and the new Concrete-Mate batching system, it is possible to obtain a perfect mix suitable for every type of job and situation.


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