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Carmix mobile concrete batching plant.

Promix: digital technologies applied to concrete

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2105 is defined by technology: the next-generation device that measures all concrete parameters and provides an immediate report on its characteristics is now available on the Camix 5.5 XL, Carmix 2.5 TT and Carmix 3.5 TT Promix models.

Together with the Load Cells weighing system, already available on request, Carmix machines are now true stand-alone plants for producing concrete directly on the building site. All the data detected by the probe housed inside the concrete being prepared on an intuitive display. Having instant data to operator details of assess durability, workability and strength becomes a key factor since it eliminates the time required for analyses and allows preparation of concrete perfectly suited to legal regulations or the particular needs of customers.

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14 May, 15

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