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Interview to Rino Liborio Galante

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Mr. Galante, your 70 years and the first 40 years of Carmix. What are the feelings you are facing this double event with?

A lot of joy and great satisfaction. Above all, I feel a very lucky man because during my life I saw all the dreams that I had when I was a boy coming true.

Let’s imagine for a moment that your company is a person: what would you give it as a present for its 40th birthday?

For sure a precious present, a unique one…I would say a golden cup with the following engraving: “The first wonderful 40 years”.

What were the three turning points of your walk of life?

The first one was the decision of becoming a self-employed, exactly three days after the bankruptcy of the company I was working for. I reached this decision during the years and then it materialized in a very short time. The second one is connected to my dream of selling machines that were completely produced by Metalgalante; this desire became reality in 1980, when the first Carmix with drum rotation system for 360° download, rear engine and front driving seat was produced. The third moment is when I understood that we had become recognizable and that the brand Carmix had become synonym for small mobile concrete batching plant: a great satisfaction that paid me back for the big work.

If you look back, what was the biggest bet in your path?

I think the fact of immediately aiming at export. At the beginning we were a small organization, but we always looked at the whole world as a horizon for our work, and today we keep doing it because there is at least a Carmix in almost 160 countries in the world.

You started as a translator, then you worked as a sales clerk and, in the end, you founded Metalgalante. What are the values you always brought with you during your long career?

Being a reliable, punctual and believable person, who always puts into the foreground human relationships. Looking back I see again all these values in the everyday life of my job, and they are values that I tried to live with everyone: from customers to suppliers, to collaborators to employees. It is with great joy that I can say that in some countries we have been working with the same dealer for forty years, and this is a real sign of esteem, trust, respect and friendship. Furthermore, if I think of Carmix machines, our value is aiming at quality, and for this reason we chose to build machines without looking at saving, because if you look at saving, it is difficult to become excellent.

Metalgalante is a company with a long story. Did you imagine all this when you started?

Honestly, no. I dreamed of producing eight machines per month, instead in some moments we reached peaks of 40 Carmix produced. And, above all, I have never imagined that we would become such a well-known brand in the world and a leading company in our reference  sector.

What do you expect from the next ten years of the company?

I am lucky, I have two offspring in the company who love this job and who are as passionate about it as I am. So the future is in the hands of people who have the enthusiasm, the determination and the professionalism necessary to make the company grow in the most promising markets, as the Indian one, always keeping our identity untouched. Carmix is a synonym for small mobile concrete batching plants, and it will always be so.

Last question: where do you imagine yourself ten years from now?

I imagine myself here, doing what I have been doing for more than forty years, with the same enthusiasm and the same passion that I have always had during this wonderful personal and professional travel.

20 Oct, 16

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