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Carmix mobile concrete batching plant.



With the Load Cells weighing system, every Carmix machine becomes a real 4×4 mobile batching plant, able to obtain a perfect compound directly at the site. This system, equipped with a printer in the cab for issuing certificates, allows the operator to check and replicate any concrete recipe, transforming the Carmix into the first machine on the market that guides the operator in which operations are necessary for perfect control of the recipe.

High tech mobile batching plants

Concrete mixer machine with sensors

Detail 1

Load Cells

Four sensors placed under the drum measure any aggregate loaded inside the drum, water included.

Batching plant with led display

Detail 2


Logo on truck cab

Detail 3

Printer in the cab

This provides a detailed report that certificates the quality of the compound and indicates: company name, name of recipe with theoretical dose and indication of the real load, total time of introduction of each material and the total mixing time, the total theoretical volume and real volume with percentage difference to achieve a more efficient control of the operator’s work.

Precision and maximum performance, everywhere

The sophisticated technology of the electronic weighing system turns all Carmix self-loading procedures to carry out, and therefore producing high-quality concrete.



  • Automatic indication of the loading procedures to follow
  • Possibility to set up to 99 different Mix Designs using a maximum of 24 elements.
  • Indication of the loading sequence of the elements and the loading time for every single element.
  • Concrete mixture management software.
  • Visual and audible alarm when the stored weight is reached to better guide the operator’s work.
  • Automatic printing of the dosage used on the basis of the targets set by the recipe.