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Carmix mobile concrete batching plant.



This is an innovative device, which enables instant control of the mix design, with data available in real time for effective monitoring and increased quality.


Innovative mixing system for cement

Detail A


The stainless steel sensor inside the concrete mixer provides slump, temperature, humidity and speed of rotation of the concrete mixer, also indicating when the batch is ready.

Eco trucks with solar panels

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Solar Panel

The solar power supply of the batteries ensures a three-day charging time.

Customizable concrete mix with led display

Detail C

LED display

All data collected and updated every ten seconds are displayed on an intuitive display in the cab that informs the operator of the parameters of the concrete being prepared.

Carmix app for mobile concrete mixer with GPS

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All information collected can be stored in an external computer or sent to other mobile devices through the GPS network.

A portable Analysis Laboratory

Promix is the new system installed on Carmix 5.5XL, Carmix 3.5TT, Carmix 3500 TC and Carmix 2.5TT for measuring the proprieties of the fresh concrete. It transforms every vehicle into a mobile concrete batching plant. The ability to effectively and accurately monitor numerous parameters gives the operator direct control over product quality, eliminates the time required for analysis and allows preparation of concrete perfectly suited to legals regulations or special requirements.


  • Detects the consistency and workability of the concrete without the need for samples.
  • Detects slump, humidity and temperature, and signals when the concrete is ready.
  • The LED display shows the collected data in real time.
  • Sends the results of the analysis via GPS directly to PC or smartphone.
  • Allows  high-performance concrete with quality standards to be produced.
  • Eliminates wastage of time, material and money.